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Do I Need a College to Become a Writer?

Would you like to become a great writer?
If you want to get involved in your passion, find the right audience for your content, and even make a little money, writing is the perfect platform for you.
But you are unsure about starting writing because you lack or don't have a college degree, or haven't attended college. What if I told you that attending or not attending college doesn't have to be an obstacle to achieving writing success.
You would probably think I am crazy because I agree with you that college is important and does help, but it's not a requirement.
And in this post, you'll get answers to your question; do I need a college to become a writer?
Yes and no.
If you study or have a college degree in finance or law and decide to become a writer as your chosen career path. What you learned in college will be utilized to write articles or content on financial or legal topics. Therefore, you are helping others with your knowledge of how to file a tax or what an affidavit is. In such a case, college is necessary to become a writer.
Also, if you are passionate about writing or want to write a non-fiction book, but you haven't attended college to learn what's required or necessary. It does not mean that you can't write that book or article. A writer like Harper Lee wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird" did drop out of law school to venture into a literary career.
Therefore, there isn't a definitive answer to this question because it will depend on you. You can decide to attend college and pursue some English and communication courses that will make your writing good. But whether you attended college or not, you still have to practice writing, you have to improve your craft. Any client or employer that hires a writer wants someone who knows good grammar, produces original content, has good sentence structure, and there’s a flow in his writing.
But if you are pursuing careers such as being a journalist or medical writer, it's crucial to attend college. For example, if a journalist reads this essaysupply review and he is to write an opinion or news.
Therefore, you should not feel like a fraud because you did attend college to become a writer. If you start writing now by six months, you would have learned more about writing and have experience. You can become a ghostwriter, travel writer, film critic, and video game writer,and it will be on what you know, but not which prestigious college you attended.
If you're an employer and you have got two candidates to choose from for that writing position. One has no college papers, but he has experience writing for different organizations. The other candidate has all the papers and graduated with top honors, but isn't that experienced. Who would you offer that position? Of course, it is the experienced writer because he showed his worth. The same way a student chooses a reliable writing company reading the best online wiseessays review, so will an employer only hire the best employee.
So, it's more about your creativity, value, and what you can offer than how many colleges you attended. Also, if you still have a college degree and utilize what you learn, your results will skyrocket like these essays from primewriting.