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Delegate Van Landingham's Committees

Privileges and Elections - Chair 1994-1998, Co-Chair 1998-2001.

Appropriations - Currently serves on three subcommittees: Public Education, chair 2000-2001; Health/Human Services; Transportation, chair, 1992-1999.

Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee - Member.

Delegate Van Landingham serves as a member of the Economic Development Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). She served as the past chair of the Budget/Taxation Committee and of the Arts, Tourism Committee of the NCSL.

From 1982-2000, she served as a legislative member of the Board of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation.

Delegate Van Landingham is currently a legislative appointee to the Commission Studying the Needs of the Physically and Sensory Handicapped know as the Disability Commission.

Delegate Van Landingham has chaired studies that: led to the de-monopolization of long distance telephone service, 1982-85; responded to the effects of the drug epidemic on mothers and babies; considered the needs of mentally and physically handicapped persons exiting special education programs; analyzed the adequacy of educational, drug treatment, and transition programs in the Virginia Correctional System; investigated issues related to the low numbers of minority students in the state's higher education institutions; considered the needs of students with limited English proficiency trying to pass new Standard of Learning (SOL) tests; addressed the many issues raised by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Virginia and the state's response. She has been a member of many other studies, including: the Commission on Transportation for the 21st Century; a study of the Budget Process in the Commonwealth; an effort to reduce the numbers of school drop-outs; and a study to find ways to make gifted programs more accessible to talented minority youths. Delegate Van Landingham initiated studies by the Joint Legislative Audit Review Commission into the operations of the State Electoral Board (1998), and of the funding formula known as the Standards of Quality by which the state finances its share of public K-12 education (2000).